How to choose your Sports toto4d numbers

By observing the number of times throughout the history, the last 100 draws in the past year, how do you decide and choose to play sport toto4d numbers?

The minimum and maximum

If drawing 230 times in 12 times, does not mean it can be drawn or drawn in the next year’s draw? I do not know. It is unacceptable to draw any number of times based on any conclusions about any period. You need to first look at the number of stretches before knowing the trend by determining the minimum and maximum thresholds.

The minimum and maximum thresholds are the most frequent occurrences of the lowest frequency and the highest draw times in the corresponding time. This is determined by repeating the history of painting properly used in a fixed period of time. Once you have set the minimum and maximum thresholds, you can look at the number of times to draw the most recent draw in the time period and use the calculated decision to make a decision and announce the sport 4dtoto.


The ball has been drawn at any number of times equal to or below the minimum threshold that can be drawn in the next match. Conversely, any number of times the ball has been drawn equal to or greater than the maximum threshold in the next race is not drawn. By applying the same principles to different statistics of 4D million characters, you can play toto4d intelligence and improve your chances of winning.

Toto 4D – 4D Toto – Sports Toto Malaysia

The toto4d  Malaysia with 4 standard game you choose from a series of 0000-9999 4-digit number, you win toto4d, if your number with one or more 4d winning numbers. There are 23 out of each 4Dtoto more 4D game winning numbers 1, 2 and bonus 3 plus 10 special prizes and 10 consolation prizes.

You can choose to play with “big” forecasts, or with a minimum of 1 ringgit “SMALL” gambling 4dtoto multi million words. “Big” forecasts make you win, but a lot more 4D “SMALL” weather forecast allows you to win bigger prizes for better odds. With the “big” prediction you are playing a full 23 categories with toto 4D prizes at the same time with “little” predictions you only played 3 types of top prizes – 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

lucky number

With the minimum bet RM1 to play – you can beat the Malaysian Toto 4D Highest Prize with a “big” forecast is a cool RM 2500, while the top prize is won for the forecast of “SMALL” the same share is RM3,500 larger.

Toto Gaming Malaysia makes toto4d live lottery tickets three times a week at 07:00 from Kuala Lumpur’s headquarters Berjaya Times Square Shopping Center Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday there is a special draw is held in two generally Tuesdays.

There are many lottery game you can join in Malaysia games. Beside, you can check 4d result malaysia today live to know about winning results and maybe you can become winner!


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